Giving Children a Reason to Smile!

children dental care

Dr. Rahmanian, along with members Drs. Shivji, Deljoui and Vigneault purchased 3 charity cakes at the renowned 13th Annual Toothfairy Gala to support the Save a Smile Initiative charity, a community-based dental health program established by the BC Dental Association dedicated to providing urgent dental care for low-income children.

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Understanding Common Causes of Worn Teeth: Bruxism, Abrasion & Erosion

worn teeth

One of the most common causes for worn teeth is bruxism. Bruxism refers to tooth grinding or jaw clenching, especially during sleep, which wears down your enamel at an accelerated rate. You may have bruxism and not be aware of it, so contact Lonsdale Dental Centre in North Vancouver for an appointment…

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