Keep Your Smile Sparkling with Regular Dental Cleaning and Checkups

dental phobia

Sometimes due to fear, laziness or anxiety, patients tend to “forget” about booking a regular dental cleaning or checkup at their local, friendly dental clinic. In order to encourage you to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at Lonsdale Dental now, here’s a few good reasons why regular dental visits are so important:

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Gum Disease and How to Identify It

gum disease identify

If you think you may have gum disease make sure you check out the top symptoms below. Do not worry, there is treatment for gum disease and your oral health can be restored. It is a good idea to maintain your oral hygiene practices as usual and then set up…

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New Research Links Oral Health to Diabetes

oral health

The American Diabetes Association recently announced that studies have identified and confirmed a direct correlation between diabetes and gum disease. Not only are diabetics more prone to gum disease, but oral health problems such as gingivitis can also affect blood glucose stability, leading to the advancement of diabetes.

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